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Strata Management Bill 2012

Dear All 

I have read all the relevant comments and copies of articles relating to the current Property Management issues and the Strata Management Bill 2012.

My congratulations to you guys for all the interest and hardwork on the issues. I am in Laos on Parliamentary duty and I am sending this message from Vientiane through my office. 

My comments and suggestions are as follows: 

1.                    I met YB Dato Seri Chor Chee Heung the Minister of Housing on 25/9/2012 but unfortunately we only met for short while as he was extremely busy answering questions in Parliament. 

2.                   My view is that he is completely swayed by the BMAM Group and is absolutely convinced that he is doing the right thing in amending the Original Bill (as detailed by Sr. Ishak Ismail). He kept on harping on “why should Valuers be given the monopoly” (the exact words of BMAM). 

3.                    He also mentioned that both sides of the House will not support the Bill without the amendments. This is not true as I understand when Sr. Ishak Ismail and members of MIPPM met MP’s from the opposition they were well received and were not opposed to the original Bill except that many did not even understand the issues. 

My guess is the BMAM Group had used 2 or 3 MP’s from both sides of the House and misrepresented the facts by harping on the monopoly issue. In my opinion we should take the following steps immediately – I think the lead should be taken by MIPPM. 

1.                   Make an appointment to meet the Minister of Housing to present our points of view. This appointment must be made before the Minister presents the suggested amendments at the Third Reading. 

In the meantime we should write to the Minister enclosing the views of MIPPM       (“Registering Property Managers Ensures High Standards” by Sr. Ishak Ismail ), the Board ( “The Sovereign Law and Truth Should Prevail” by YBhg. Dato Abdullah Thalith) and the House Owners Association ( “The Way Forward” ). We should specifically address that no monopoly will be created by the regulatory provision stated in the new Bill. This would be useful for other recipients and readers to appreciate the real situation especially those who are currently swayed to support the Minister’s proposed amendment on the basis of monopoly creation. 

2.                   These views should also be sent to Finance Minister 2, Datuk Dr. Awang Adek (Deputy Finance Minister) and the Chairman of BBC (YB Datuk Seri Tiong) In normal circumstances when a Bill is to be presented to Parliament, the Minister responsible will invite all BN members of both Houses to a special meeting to explain the contents of a Bill in order for them to debate and approve the Bill. Obviously in this instance I do not think the Minister is going to call for the meeting and I think he is going to proceed with the amendments because he thinks he will get the approval (on the amendments) from both sides of the House. 

Whilst the letters to PM, the Minister of Finance 2 and the others may help, the critical action actually lies with the Minister of Housing who as I said is completely swayed by BMAM’s misrepresentations. 

Members of Parliament (including Ministers) are now busy debating on the Budget and have little time for anything else till the Finance Bill is passed. The Minister responsible (in this case the Minister of Housing) is really empowered to present and convince MP’s to pass the Bill. Of course when it comes to the Senate, I will do everything possible to fight for our cause and in the public’s best interest but if the amendments are passed by the Lower House my task would be monumental, but fight I will. 

Good luck guys.